Orisha: Oshun

The patron saint of Cuba, Oshun is the goddess of love and happiness. Oshun is Yemoja’s sister. Found in the sweet waters, such as rivers, waterfalls, and lakes, Oshun loves the finer things in life and is known for her sensuality. Representing emotional intensity, Oshun is the guardian of human sensuality, delicacy, love, and femininity. The youngest of the Orishas, when Olodumare finished creating the Earth, He sat back and realized he was missing sweetness and love. So, he created Oshun. The Orisha of love, her seductive and sensual power is found in all women.  

The Orishas are mediators between the human and spiritual realm and are the major source of communication with the Supreme Being. Originating in Yorubaland—the cultural region of the Yoruba people in West Africa that spans modern day Nigeria, Togo, and Benin–many Orishas were worshipped. In modern terms, we can think of Orishas as angels.

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